Saturday, December 25, 2010

The most wonderful time

The best thing about Christmas morning.... watching the excitement build as we waited for Daddy to check for Santa (start the coffee). We camp out on the steps and wait for the ok. I am the lucky one who gets to spend those last few minutes with them before the unwrapping begins. The cutest thing in the world though is watching my girls run into the living room.... straight for Grammy and Pappy. They bypass the gifts and hug and kiss Grammy and Pappy first. It is so sweet.

I don't know why but the day just flew by too quickly. I wanted more time to sit and play with my girls. Nowhere to go....Nothing to do but brush doll hair and play house. Try out new games and just enjoy each other.

I keep thinking about how fast it is going to go. The barbies and dolls will be replaced with ipods and clothes. I want to freeze time. Hold on to this. I love this age. I love the things they say, their perspectives on life. They teach me every day about loving people fully, speaking the truth, loving life and enjoying each other.

God, I thank you today and everyday that I get to be a mommy. Thank you for the blessing of these little girls.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Santa Express

There are so many fun activities to do around the holidays. Thanks to my hubby we didn't eliminate this from our Christmas to do. I considered skipping the train, we had already done so much.... it was only a week until Christmas. Maybe we should just skip it. The little boy in him won out. He wanted to ride on the train! It was so great that we did it. Our good friends the Booths joined us on Santa's Express. We ate lunch in a caboose, rode the rails with Santa himself and enjoyed a yummy hot chocolate after the ride. We even got a little shopping done at the Outlets.

This was Matt's first time on the railroad. I think he had more fun then the girls did. I love the man I married. Such a kid at heart.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Birthday Girls

Four little girls now 3, 4, 5 & 6.... well almost. Just a year ago they all met, and now they are the best of friends. They share winter birthdays and had an amazing birthday party with some friends. It's hard to believe how grown up the have all become just over this past year. The time is going too fast. Seems like it was yesterday that I was holding my brand new baby....and now she is 5 years old. I keep thinking about how much I just want to stop time. How fun it is to have them this age. I love tea parties and dress up.... not yet ready for shopping and boys. I guess I still have some time.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

All things Aubrey

Activities and Interests: playing dress up, doing puzzles, reading, running with mommy, Barbies, Disney princesses, singing

Arts and Entertainment: Backyardigans, Scooby Doo, Jimmy Neutron, Sid the Science Kid, Steve Songs, worship music

We are just learning to read. Short "a" sounds right now.

I to this day cannot believe that God entrusted me to raise this little girl. The size of her heart for others absolutely astounds me. Most days I feel like I have missed the mark as far as parenting is concerned, but in spite of my flaws, she continues to grow into a beautiful young girl. God has given this little girl a heart that loves Him and that loves others. This was my prayer for her, that she would see other people the way that God sees them.

Monday, December 13, 2010

She may be little

She may be pint sized, but her personality is HUGE. I cannot imagine our life without our little Leah. She comes down in the morning and greets you with a huge hug. She likes to cuddle, which I absolutely LOVE.

It's hard to believe that my baby is 3 years old. She still seems so little to me. You can quote me on this, she will be the life of the party someday. She is always trying to get a laugh (usually resulting in some sort of potty humor. Matt says that she will be the girl that every guy thinks she must be in love with them...but she's really not. She's just that intense.

She is learning so much just hanging with Aubrey and I while we do school. She has started singing the time line from Aubrey's Classical Conversations school work (with the motions).

We have decided that Leah is in her own little made up world most of the time. Like everything else she plays intensely. You have to get down and see what she is doing and interject yourself into her story.

She is the light in our day and we love her so much.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mr. Buddy Man

Everett-Beverett (Leah's pet name.)
Buddy Man
Mr. Diaper Man (Aubrey's nickname for him.)

This past fall we were so lucky to have this little man join us during the week. Bright and early 4 days a week I am greeted by the sweetest face I have ever seen. His smile could light up a room. Aaron and Kristen have allowed us to be a part of their families life in such a special way and it has been more of a blessing to us then they could possibly imagine. Everett is the easiest little guy, just give him some blocks and room to move and he is content. He is teaching us how to have a BOY around the house. There is something just a little different about boys. It is so fun to have him around.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Please turn off your cell phones.

Just needed a day where no one could reach me. A day where my kids, whatever they wanted to do came first...not a ringing phone or a dinging text. Aubrey asked if we could go to Longwood, it was freezing but we only needed to make it over to the Conservatory where it is always springtime. I brought paints and pencils and we found a cozy spot to work on our painting skills.
We painted, we paid in the Children's water garden... they had all of me. We pretended to be princesses locked in a tower. Logan was coming to save Aubrey, Grayson for Leah. I asked who would be coming for me to which Aubrey replied, "Matt, your husband, the king!" Matt was glad to hear she has it straight who the king is.

More days, please, where I feel free enough to turn off the phone and be available for my girls instead of for everyone else.