Wednesday, December 15, 2010

All things Aubrey

Activities and Interests: playing dress up, doing puzzles, reading, running with mommy, Barbies, Disney princesses, singing

Arts and Entertainment: Backyardigans, Scooby Doo, Jimmy Neutron, Sid the Science Kid, Steve Songs, worship music

We are just learning to read. Short "a" sounds right now.

I to this day cannot believe that God entrusted me to raise this little girl. The size of her heart for others absolutely astounds me. Most days I feel like I have missed the mark as far as parenting is concerned, but in spite of my flaws, she continues to grow into a beautiful young girl. God has given this little girl a heart that loves Him and that loves others. This was my prayer for her, that she would see other people the way that God sees them.

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