Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Take me out to the ballgame...

On Father's Day this year Matt and I and the girls decided to head out to the Reading Phillies game. It was so hot that day and the kids were fidgeting and I was asked for the 18th time to take them to the bathroom. Being the wonderful mom that I am, I turned to Matt and said, "Can you please take them?" To which Matt replied, "I'd really like to see this play." Being my sensitive self I said, "Why, It's just the Reading Phillies?"

Come to find out I have been married to this man for 8+ year and he has never been to a real baseball game.... I mean a really real one. I had been to a number of games with my dad over the past couple of years. It never occurred to me that Matt had never been to a real Phillies game and wanted to go. Nice, huh?

I am hoping that I redeemed myself for this terrible oversight. With the help of our families, we arranged for Matt to go see a Phillies game with his Dad, Grandad and Pop pop... in a jersey provided by my wonderful Daddy.

It was so fun putting it together and giving him his jersey and tickets on his birthday. Just a few short week later he was sitting in the bleachers with the men. Happened to be that wonderful game which went on FOREVER. 16 innings I think was the final count.

Monday, August 23, 2010