Monday, February 19, 2007

shopping will never be the same

leave it to three moms and four kids to clear out an entire section of barnes and noble in less then 2 minutes. believe it or not i totally called the whole thing... as we rounded the corner of the bookstore to camp out in the section with the big comfy chairs. there they sat, unsuspecting of the tornado of diapers, milk cups and cheerios about to ravage their area. "watch how fast we can clear this place out" i said under my breath. the young salesman at the computer watched in awe.... it's as if we pinched all the children simultaneously. they all started to whine. aubrey pooped, logan pooped, jake continued to belch up sweet potatoes and maddie and i began to sing some little mermaid songs while she danced around in aubrey's green blanket. the old man was the first to fold.... he stood up took his books and left. the dad and son team stuck it out a little longer but eventually gave up. we made our little circle of chairs and strollers, handed out some of maddie's books and tried to imagine in moments of quiet that jen, april and i were the only ones there. then someone would cry or try to escape... back to reality.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

i put my new shoes on....

our dear friend mike did something special for us crazy old married folks. he gave us two tickets to a show at the world cafe that he was unable to use. it was a great opportunity for us parent-types to do something special and have a night out on the town. the band wound up getting lost on the new jersey turnpike and didn't go on until an hour after they were scheduled. but i am not complaining. matt and i got a chance to sit on the floor of the venue, people watch, talk, play with our camera and get out those much needed bathroom breaks.

chris thile and the how to grow a band played an amazing set. it was staggering to watch such amazing musicians. at one point my husband grabbed his hair and yelled "woah" when brian sutton tuned his guitar down, while playing, in order to hit some crazy low notes.

ok, so where do the new shoes fit in.... well, not that anyone cares but my mother in law found me the boots that i have been looking for all winter. did you ever get a picture in your mind (something you had seen or maybe something you thought up yourself) and everytime you went out to shop for something that picture haunted you and nothing quite measured up. my winter 2007 boots were out there somewhere i just had to find them... and finally did...AND i got to wear them out on saturday night for our date. it made me smile, oh and think of that song by paulo nutini "new shoes".


Leave it to little girl to make a daddy melt when he walks through the door after work. Sure he just spent hours at his job, but that all is out of his mind when she pounds on the backdoor window as he makes his way up the driveway. Yes, he's exhausted... he just put in 8 hours, but he jumps at the chance to experience SNOW with his one year old. I am not sure that sledding was as exciting for Aubrey as it was for us... but she gasped at the sight of flakes falling from the sky and everything covered in white.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

introducing stonewall jackson

this is the face i am greeted with each time i pull out the camera. hmmmm.... a pout. seems familiar. funny how the things you do miraculously show up in your kids.