Saturday, December 27, 2008

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Portraits.

What should only take a few minutes takes about an hour. Picture after picture....some with the dog some without. Aubrey on my lap, Aubrey on daddy's lap. Mom, dad changing places...some pictures of kids crawling out of the photo. Photos where dad's not in the picture because the timer went off to fast. FINALLY....something. Oh, the joy of family photos.

Bonus....a cute one of me and my hubby.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


when does this...

become this?

our little peanut is huge! well, huge for her. she is still a little peanut to us. leah bean just turned one and i cannot believe that it has been a year already. feels like they just placed her in our arms. the little baby girl that we brought home from the hospital is now toddling around furniture....saying words and has one spunky personality. we are trying very hard to teach her sign language (like we did with aubrey). she is signing "milk", "night-night" and sometimes "more". she says "daddy" clear as day.... and also says "duck" "doggy" and just added "aubey". still no "mommy" can you believe it? she even calls me daddy sometimes.

she love playing with her little people and putting them in and out of things....she'll also dance to anything that makes noise. her smile lights up a room and she brings us such joy!

cannot believe my baby is ONE.
happy birthday leah bean!

aubrey girl is growing up

i cannot believe that my pumpkin pie (oops, can't say that...i am always corrected. "no, i am pappy's sweet petunia".) i cannot believe "pappy's sweet petunia" is growing up so quickly. our days are filled with playing house, school and doctor. it's hard to believe the little bundle we brought home is now a preschooler with quite an imagination. just yesterday morning she came downstairs and announced "when i grow up, i am going to be on stage." that's my daughter!

we just celebrated aubrey's birthday about a week ago. the big THREE...pretty pink princess costumes included. we are officially allowed to play with barbies now (although mommy has had them out for a while already)'s like we've graduated from baby to little girl.

aubrey is so smart. she knows her whole alphabet and can identify almost every letter. she can write an "A" for aubrey and an "M" for mommy. her favorite thing to do with mommy is cut and glue pictures on paper....and she can use the scissors herself. she spends hours painting and doing art at grammy's house.

aubrey has become quite the little helper. she loves her little sister and takes good care of her. it's nice to be able to watch them play together and i get excited for the friendship that they will share.

i cannot imagine our lives without the precious little girl. we love her desperately.

happy birthday aubrey girl!

Monday, December 01, 2008

hats off!

mommy's newest endeavor.... trying to knit. poor aubrey has become my model. i have finished three hats (i think) and am trying to make a sweater. just kidding.... just a scarf. who knows maybe i will actually have a hobby i am good at.