Sunday, July 27, 2008

where in the heck is dushore, pa?

i saw that on a t-shirt in town. one week in the quiet of northern pa. just us... nothing to do. no emails, no phone calls, no work, not even laundry.
just be together. relax and enjoy God's creation. every vacation should be like this.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

what i did on vacation...

wake up
drink coffee
drink more coffee
go for a walk
catch butterflies
sit on the porch
read some more
drink more coffee
play catch with the dog
sit by the fire
go to bed...
do it again.

who remembers this shot?

aubrey elizabeth ~ june 2006

leah angely ~ july 2008

to you its just a laundry basket

oh, but it is so much more.....

a bathtub?

a playpen?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

beautiful baby

our beautiful (i can say that i am a parent) blue eyed girl is growing like crazy. she's still pretty small for her age (only in 3 month clothes and she is almost 8 months old). she is now sitting up on her own, rolls both ways and has started scooting on her tummy, a kind of pre-crawl. she skipped baby food all together. wouldn't eat it... would gag and cry, which was upsetting because we were told to put some weight on her. she was totally interested in what we were eating, so we gave up on the mush and just started giving her itty-bitty pieces of whatever we were having. now she is a cheerio eating machine. she loves her big sis and cracks up whenever aubrey is around. she loves banging things together. (i know, that's silly to say, but it's so stinking cute). i think because she is so small, we don't realize what she is capable of, and are always suprised when she does something new.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

family caming trip

should have posted this a long time ago. cannot believe how fast the summer is going. couple weekends back matt and i got this great idea... at about 6:00 at night that we wanted to go camping. thankfully we have many campsite options... french creek, hibernia. so we threw everything in the car and headed out to hibernia park. we made it there just in time the park was closing in 15 minutes. we picked out a campsite and matt ran out to go grab things for breakfast in the morning. we spent a little while by the campfire and then crawled into the tent with the kiddos. thankfully aubrey was exhausted and leah was already asleep... so after a couple minutes of singing both kids were out. soon we were out too. the morning was so fun! eggs over the fire.... time by the lake. both kids did so great. cannot wait to do it again. maybe will actually go in the wood next time.