Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


leah is finally starting to put a little meat on those little bones. we had a visit to the doctor this past monday. seems the little kiddo caught a bug and had us worried about her all weekend. waited all weekend to go into the doctors and by then she was over the hump. however, she has infected the rest of the family (except me). matt and aubrey both have come down with something. matt has been home for two days and aubrey hit rock bottom today. we are just waiting it out.

back to leah.... at our impromptu doctor visit found out she had gained a little weight, yeah! she now weighs 10 lbs 2 oz. still a little peanut though. i started calling her "scooter" (in addition to "leah-bean," "beana-rino," "beano," "beansters," and "little peanut.") the kid can sure wiggle. i don't think she really knows what she is doing, but she is never where you left her when you place her on the floor. no rolling over as of yet, but that's probably because i view tummy-time as some sort of torture for infants. (just kidding... she just doesn't like it.) aubrey hated it too... my kids have sensitive tummies. she just started holding things and batting at her play gym which is so exciting. i keep looking over at her thinking "wow, you are entertaining yourself. we are almost out of the dark." still exhausted over here at the o'malley house... but that might just be because everyone is sick and cranky. hopefully as the weather gets nicer and the family gets healthier, we will all feel a little more rested.

singing in the rain

aubrey and i took a walk in the rain. great opportunity to bust out her rain gear and get out of the house. we walked to rite aid to get her some medicine and searched for puddles along the way. it's nice not being in a hurry. took time to balance on curbs, hop in puddles and smile at a neighbor or two. we sang a few songs and took a walk through the park. i love having a toddler. what a great opportunity to act silly and sing loudly and badly out in public.

Monday, March 17, 2008

How do I love you...

How do I love you?
Let me count the ways.
I love you on your very best...

and very worst of days.

I love to see you laughing
and dancing in the rain.
And even when you lose your shoes,
I love you just the same
I love to hear you singing.
I love to see you smile.

I love the way you take each day
In your own unhurried style.

I'm happy when your happy,
And I'm sorry when your sad.
And even though it may not show
I love you when you're bad.
How do I love you?
Well, now, let me see...
I love the way you act so brave
When you fall and hurt your knee.
I love to watch you sleeping,
Tucked away in pleasant dreams.

I love to hear you whisper
All your giant plans and schemes.

I love the way you wear your pants
With the front part in the back,
And the way you walk around sometimes
With your head inside a sack.

I love to see you deep in thought.
I love to watch you play.

And though I'm sure you'll never know,
I love you more each day.
How do I love you?
It's impossible to say.

For if I had a million days
And time enough for all the praise,
I couldn't tell you all the ways....
I love you.

P.K. Hallinan

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

leah, you want some tea?

bumbo thing ever created, well at least for this child. she wants to be in the middle of everything. aubrey likes that she can have tea with her sister and i love that they are entertained and my hands are free. leah is such a joy to have around. she smiles every time you talk to her....and even if she just thinks you are talking to her. she has really fallen into a routine, which is awesome because now i have some clue of what she needs instead of the guessing game. you know where you try everything (change diaper, swaddle, hold, rock, lay down, pick up, gas medicine, swing, sling.... etc.) and eventually something works but you are not really sure which one. she is so easy to get down to sleep now (at home) just swaddle her, put her pink blankie by her nose and she out in seconds. she's been taking good naps in her crib and is wonderful at night.... still gets up once or twice, but always goes back down right away. as i write this i wonder if i am jinxing myself and what kind of night is ahead of me.

grace based parenting

matt turned around the other night... this is what he saw. mind you the paint was already there from our jaunt to hands on house, but couple that with the nose ring and the marti gras beads and it can be a little startling. hope this is not what we are in for in the future.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

aubrey's got a new trick...

today aubrey figured out that her sister Leah is good something more than just looking cute. apparently Leah will slobber on her hand which is really fun to take and put on daddy or mommy's face! it's hilarious! for her of course.