Friday, March 30, 2007

the accident

in an effort to keep my daughter from pooping on the floor before her bath, i put her on the potty and gave her a book (no i am not insane... there is no way i am attempting to potty train a 16 month old.) this was merely a convenience issue. anyway, as you are all familiar. if you sit on the "throne" and get cozy with a book....what usually happens? well, that was what happened. it was very exciting. i never thought there would be a day that i would be applauding poo.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

making cookies

before i left for chicago last week, matt, aubrey & i decided to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies. aubrey loved stirring up the batter and getting to play with the eggs. matt made the big mistake of putting one egg in each of aubrey’s hand. now, if you were 1 years old and someone put something in each of you hands, what would you do? smash them together of course. we made a big mess, everyone was covered in flour….but we had a great time. it’s funny how the everyday is extraordinary when you do it as a family. nothing compares to experiencing all the firsts with you little girl. first cooking lesson…..check.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

aubrey goes GLAM

people keep saying "she's not a baby anymore" and now i see it. that little girl that used to depend on me for everything is now pretty good at figuring things out on her own. i am anticipating the day that i find her sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor trying to pour herself a cup of milk, but actually pouring it all over the floor. (i think i saw that in a bounty commercial once.)

i know i kept waiting for the next thing, the first teeth, the first words, the first steps.... but now i wish i had a pause button. couldn't she stay this way for just a little while longer?

she still let's me rock her every once and while. she still laughs when i try to kiss her all over her face. she still wants me to be right there with her (sometimes). i like that...

Saturday, March 03, 2007

our little princess

i cannot believe how fast our little girl is growing up. seemed like just yesterday her greatest fascination was trying to get her toe into her mouth and now she walks around the house with her little purse or her baby doll all wrapped up in a blanket. she'll sit and flip through every book in her box, she takes her time and looks at all the pictures. she will look at you and make the animal noises for every animal she sees. she can recognize a star in a book and will do the hand sign for it... she also knows diamonds (after all, they are a girls best friend). she is saying "hi" "daddy" "ball" and "dog" clearly. she loves to sit in her cinderella chair with a snack and some milk and watch elmo. given a choice she would want daddy to carry her, but wants mommy to hold her hand. she loves her friends at church and squeals as soon as she sees maddie, logan or christa. she loves to jump on mom and dad's bed after her bath (somewhat of a daddy/aubrey tradition now). she is starting to use spoons and forks when she eats... it still gets all over, but she's improving. she LOVES cheerios in milk with banana slices. (something we stumbled upon, b/c mommy ran out of eggs one morning.) she is definitely giving us a run for our money.... it's not as easy to keep tabs on where she is at any point in time. you turn around for a second and she's gone.... on to the next thing. it's been such a blessing to watch her grow, each day is a little different then the last and you never know what new thing she will surprise you with. we'll keep you updated. ;o)