Tuesday, October 28, 2008

precious girl

my little leah,
you're growing like a weed. in just a little while your first year will be gone...and i have no idea where the time went. didn't we just bring you home? i love you desperately. i love to cuddle you...and thankfully you love to be cuddled. i love late at night when i wrap your blanket around you and rock, and rock.

you are getting into everything... cabinets, closets, anything you can get your hands on. you babble like crazy and have started saying some words. strangely enough your favorite word is duck, which can be either a duck or a dog. you say hi to anyone who will catch your eye, or while holding anything up that resembles a phone. you love your big sister and watch everything she does... you follow her around crawling as fast as you can.

you make us so happy and we are so glad you are ours.
i love you peanut butter.
love, mommy

Thursday, October 09, 2008

she's growing up

just about three years ago, matt and i placed our little girl up on some pumpkins and took this adorable shot. she was just a little pumpkin herself... but the years have flown by and we now have an preschooler on our hands. aubrey is amazing...she's adorable and keeps us laughing all the time. she's smart as anything and we love to watch her learn and pick up new things. thought you would enjoy seeing her progression through the years. HAPPY FALL!