Saturday, April 26, 2008

marsh creek

this is my absolute favorite picture from our adventures at marsh creek a couple of weekends ago. we all came out a little sunburned but it was well worth it. the chance to be outside and together as a family. for some strange reason i cannot keep my child out of marsh creek when we are there. (see post from last may HERE.) matt is chomping at the bit to get out the kayaks (I am too). think we might do a little kayaking on my birthday.... cannot wait. here's hoping the weather is nice enough for it. don't think we will be taking any babies with us this time (and there is NO WAY i am taking the dog kayaking.)

please don't leave valuables in the locker

our gym and swim class has come to a close. i meant to get some photos up sooner but kept forgetting the camera. here is aubrey playing peek-a-boo in the locker area. she totally enjoyed the gym class and now uses everything as a balance beam. she also does this thing where she tiptoes across the floor saying, "balance, balance" then tumbles over saying, "i lost my balance". which is only hilarious because she says it like it's lost....or missing. cracks me up. as for the pool it was a great experience for me (aside from having to wear a bathing suit) i got a lot of good ideas for playing in the pool with aubrey this summer... even learned how to get her to float. it should be interesting this summer.

this is how we ride

even at such a young age we have figured out that Leah's language is touch. matt spends most of our drives now holding leah's hand. she couldn't be happier. of course, poor matt's arm goes numb most trips.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

the "what nice warm weather" post

ah, what nice warm weather we are having. taste of spring. why not go and wash our car in our underwear (not me). i finally got an opportunity to clean the car. no exaggeration there was about an inch of goldfish and cheerios crusted to the floor. while aubrey napped up in her room, leah napped in her carseat in the car listening to the radio and the white noise mommy vacuuming out the car. the washing of the car was a last minute decision to entertain a two year old for the last hour before daddy got home. poor daddy had to wash it again though. aubrey and i really didn't do a very good job on the outside... just soaped it up for fun (left mad soap spots and streaks.) it was awesome!


nothing like the sweet little words "mommy, you not come" coming out of your dear little girls mouth. i think i vaguely remember my mother saying i used to do the same thing to her. it's ok with me.... i am glad she has grammy time. thankfully, i get to join in the fun sometimes.

date night with my hubby

i am mostly posting this because i realize that there are only pictures of our girls and no pictures of us. here's us. wednesday nights we usually have small group or date night (one or the other). our last date night was a trip to the world cafe live (of course i only have photos from the gas station on the way out of town). we went to see glen phillips play. I LOVE HIM. he is my absolute favorite solo artist ever, for all time, forever and ever.

there is something so right about sitting there with matt, his arms around me and just enjoying great music, great ambiance, a great night.

I don’t know what to say, I don’t know what to do
Everything seems lost, everything but you
I’m not sure what it takes, I’m fuzzy on the rules
And everything’s so dark, everything but you

I’ve forgotten how to pray, forgotten what was true
And everything feels bought, everything but you
The battle of the bands, the rattle of the news
And everything’s so smart, everything but you

Take me to the town for torture
Break me on the wheel of fortune
All this entertainment’s no good
It just leaves me hungry for you

And I’m messin’ up the words, murderin’ the tune
And everything’s so slack, everything but you
I’m not sure what it takes, someone’s gotta choose
And everything’s sewn up, everything but you
Everything’s enough, everything but you

Take me dancing, pale and knock me
Spin me through the crowd and drop me
Dizzy in the middle of the floor

And oh my god, you terrify me
Oblivious you blow right by me
Spinnin’ wine and melted ice cream
Random, warm, and mesmerizing

You terrify me, you are everything
You terrify me, you are everything
You terrify me, you are everything
You terrify me

I’ll just stick to what I know, I’m proud to be a fool
And everything’s too much, everything but you
And everything’s a crutch, everything but you
Everything but you…

Glen Phillips

Friday, April 04, 2008

little miss personality

it's funny... you never knew you could have this much love in your heart such a little person. leah makes us smile everyday. she is such a joy to have around. she smiles anytime someone looks her way. (although this photo is misleading... she usually hates to be in her car seat. there is no one to look at.) she wakes up every morning kicking wildly and smiling at you. how can you not get up and get her (even though it's only 6:30 in the, i'm getting up anyway.) still loves her baths. she lays in the tub and stretches out and puts her little hands up behind her head like she is just relaxing. she love when daddy puts lotion on her and she gets her little baby massage. she's started grabbing for things and looking intently at stuff (especially her hands) and she has officially found her thumb. hey, if she wants to self sooth, go right ahead... then i don't have to look for a paci all the time. (WHICH BY THE WAY AUBREY IS DONE WITH - HOORAY!)


permission to sing out loud in public (with a bad voice). permission to scream at the top of your lungs while standing in a phone booth. permission to dance around and be silly. permission to roll down a grassy hill. i (heart) two year olds.

EASTER PICS...better late then never

here are some pictures from Easter. got yelled at for not putting any pictures up. we had a wonderful (busy) weekend. saturday we went to my parents for Easter dinner and an egg hunt with my sisters and their sweet little girls (who are all getting SO BIG). sunday was Easter at CFC and Easter dinner at JoAnn's house. lots of eggs, lots of goodies.... but most importantly the celebration of our RISEN SAVIOR... we even taught Aubrey to say "INDEED!"