Tuesday, May 23, 2006

it's a beach thing...

excited for the future.
as my little girls feet touched the sand for the first time that is how i felt. part of me says " i can't wait until we can walk together and play on the beach... me and my little girl. the truth of the matter is... is that this is all going way too fast. i remember my wedding day... standing next to phil as our guest were being seated..."out of the woods" by Nickel Creek was playing and the sun was beginning to go down... the air was beginning to get a bit of a chill (just like the weather that we have been having lately) ...and in that twilight with amazing music I was in another world. I knew then that time would go too fast... that this moment would soon end. Phil, who has stood with many men and shared these sort of times with them put his arm on my shoulder and said "suck it all in... take it in... remember this." that magical moment and especially the short time that followed is embedded in my memory forever... I can still see the glow of my brides gown when she first came into view.
my point is that there are now more and more moments in my life that i need to hear a voice beside me saying "suck it all in... take it in..." so this is me and my little girl on the beach.

Monday, May 22, 2006

because they're "lost"

ron and kathleen were gracious enough to lend us the first season of "LOST"... well either they were gracious or they somehow got the idea that melissa and i were getting entirely too much sleep for parents of a five month old. I guess that sleeping must be bad so... enter "Lost" on DVD... so now instead of changing diapers, feeding and burping at 2 am in the morning we just hear the phrase uttered "ok we'll just watch one more." it's a bit addicting. thankfully we are almost done with the first season and the second is not out yet so we will finally go back to normal sleep. it's awesome.
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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

my downfall

i am enlisting the help of my friends....
i have discovered my downfall and it comes in a white paper cup.
S T A R B U C K S !
today is the beginning of the end.
for one month i am vowing not to purchase one cup of this guilty pleasure for myself
...(that is not to say you cannot get one for me).
every time that i think about going (as in the actual act of "the starbucks drive-by"),
every time i go in with a friend and don't purchase,
every time i stare longingly at that beautiful green and white sign
....i will place $3.50 in my savings account.
i will keep a running tally for all to see and at the end of this month we will see what i've saved.
the reason i am telling you all this...besides the pity coffee I am hoping you buy me...

Friday, May 05, 2006

I heart NY.

photos courtesy of Gentry Lusby
Happy Birthday to Me. Happy Birthday to Me.
Happy Birthday to ME-ee. Happy Birthday to Me.
Anyway... This past Sunday Matt took me to NYC for my 27th birthday. We had an awesome time hanging out with Carla, Greg and Gentry in the city that doesn't sleep. (And neither do 5 month old babies when you drag them around on the subway and the streets of New York for an entire day.) We went to an amazing restaurant for lunch...called French Roast. We visited Ground Zero....spent some time in Central Park and ended up in Time Square at the end of the day.
Matt, and both our families gave me this amazing kid carrier backpack from VAUDE, Aubrey loves it. We got to use it on Saturday when we went climbing at Mt. Gretna, with Kathleen, Ron and the DeVries Family and used it in the city on Sunday too. What an amazing weekend!