Tuesday, September 08, 2009

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seal harbor, acadia national park

maine vacation

pattee's pond... a maine vacation

we left late on friday night. had so much to get done before we left.... but managed to check everything off the list and throw everything in the car. didn't know how it was going to work...driving overnight with two kids. would they sleep? would we make it? we were already exhausted. our trip down was a cinch. i drove the first half and matt drove the second. we arrived in maine as the sun was coming up, drove up the driveway, unpacked and relaxed away the first day. it was perfect.

we took day trips to bangor, camden, and bar harbor (our favorite place!). we got to visit a folk festival, stroll through camden and hiked (if you can call it hiking when you have two kids and a dog and it takes FOREVER to go a mile) around jordan pond in acadia national park. matt got to fish, i got to read and the kids got to play in a pirate ship in the backyard each night. we had wonderful weather and had a great time together as a family. what a great way to end the summer!