Friday, March 27, 2009

everybody's birthday

what a perfect way to spend a rainy day...celebrating everyone's birthday.
we spent thursday with our, cupcakes and balloons. the kids had a blast!

my dog thinks shes a cat

she also thinks that she weighs 5 lbs. crazy thing likes to curl up ON TOP of my sofa, right under the window.

spring...we are waiting!

still a little to cold to go out with out jackets... but the ground is dry. that call for play time at the park. just a short walk away from our house...a little park with slide and swings. the perfect distance away from home.

daddy's baby

our little cuddle bug, the bean, peanut, sweetie pie.
whatever you want to call her... she is her daddy's baby.

spring planting at grammy's

my little horticulturist loves to help grammy in the garden. she was out there playing in the dirt and watering the plants the first spring that she could walk. nothing much has changed. you can still find her outside as often as you will let her. leah likes to help too....

lazy saturday afternoons

a day at the zoo

spring is just around the corner. you can feel it in the air. it's just warm enough, with coats on, to spend the day outside at the Philadelphia Zoo. it's quiet. no one is around. we have the place to ourselves.

aubrey was more interested in the plants then the animals. i now have decided to call her my little horticulturist. leah loved the animals, she pointed and waved and could spot the ones we couldn't see. it's fun to see how different they are.

Monday, March 09, 2009

fun with little girls

Tired of the dull, drab days of Winter...Tired of the SNOW. We trecked out to Lancaster to visit Hands on House with friends. Nothing is better then a day of face paint and "food shopping" (at the little pretend grocery store). Leah had a blast playing on her own...and following her big sister around. Aubrey is getting so independent...she played around with her little buddies instead of just Mommy. We finished up the day at McDonalds...what's better then chicken nuggets to end the perfect day?