Tuesday, November 29, 2005

anyone else going nuts?

so in an effort to be real men we are all growing manly beards. you know who you are. however the process is quite itchy and uncomfortable. i am beginning to get used to it... however, as i am confronted with the events of life i can't help but ask myself. "years down the road, what do i want to look like in pictures when i show my daughter photographs of the very first day i met her?"
maybe i'm just being over analytical about this "becoming a parent thing" being only one week away.
nonetheless i am still unsure of whether i will keep the beard or dump it before next thursday when i become an father.
i must admit there is an appeal to looking completely strange in photos you will show your kids. give them a laugh for the future. "look how fat you were at your wedding dad... weird you had a beard when i was born... and so on"

"You're going the wrong way."

so melissa went to the hospital today to have aubrey flipped. after much pushing and poking and prodding, aubrey is still... going the wrong way. the good thing is that melissa was able to meet the nurses and doctors that will most likely be on call when she delivers ( now she's scheduled for c section next week).

Monday, November 28, 2005

check that off the list!

so here is our cradle... thanks to everybody who helped to get it "finished".

wakka wakka...

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Work Day

do stuff...
it's only off by an inch. can't see it from my house.

work day with all our friends... making a home for aubrey. THANKS SOOOO MUCH!!!

Baby Girl

this is aubrey elizabeth o'malley.

i can't believe in just a couple of weeks we are going to be parents. parents...hmmmm...weird.

With a name like that...

I guess we can call ourselves a clan...
we are irish.
so that's a start,
of course there are only two of us
for now....