Wednesday, May 21, 2008

bathtime in the sink (again)

the middle child

chloe is our "middle child". she likes to get right in on the action all the time. if we happen to be paying attention to our children, she wiggles her little puppy bottom in. she loves jumping up into matt's lap with a toy (something we are trying to stop)... just to say "play with me daddy" it's like we have two toddlers in the house instead of just one. we were amused the other day with our two little ones fighting over.....a stick (log really).

"chloe not have my log"

Friday, May 02, 2008

spring and things

its funny how the time just slips by. it feels like just yesterday matt and i sat here in this very spot with aubrey at about the same age as leah. now our talkative (understatement) toddler entertains us with songs and stories while we bounce her little sister on our knee. saturday mornings we usually have to run to exton for one reason or another... lately we've managed to stop and relax for a few minutes over coffee. by relax, i mean keep aubrey from inspecting every cd on the cd rack at starbucks. as you can see aubrey's pick of the week, james brown. nice taste baby.

feels like just yesterday leah was coming home for the first time.... now she was a whopping 11 lbs 15 oz... tracking right along the 5th percentile, our little peanut. she's a crack up though. she smiles and laughs almost all the time and loves just about anyone who will make eye contact with her. but she does have a soft spot in her heart for her mommy. daddy is trying to break her of waking up in the night and has succeeded to getting her down to sleep from 7:30 pm to 5:30 am (with a small nap until 7:30 am, when mommy and aubrey get up). well, success is maybe not the best word.... it's a work in progress as most parents know. normal is never normal for long.

we have spent most of our days out in the beautiful sunshine. aubrey would rather "garden" then anything else. "mommy lets garden" is her tricky way of getting me outside. i think i am going to have a little helper as she puts on her gloves and kneels down.... it's only seconds before she abandons her spade and is perched up in her swingset asking for me to slide with her. "i thought we were gardening" i say, as i toss off my gloves and abandon my tools as well. needless to say i don't get a lot done.... plant a pansie here, weed a little there.

it's 8:45 and all is quiet in our house. matt ran out to grab a few things and the girls are both in bed. as i sit here still and think about my days with my family, i am reminded how blessed i am that they are mine and i am theirs and this was God's plan for us.... for us to be a family, chosen perfectly to compliment each other.