Friday, December 30, 2005

there's a first time for everything.

we had a few more first time things this week. melissa and aubrey and I went on our first walk this past wednesday. this was a little nerve racking at first... at least until we got across RT 82 (the big road we live on) and onto our back-country fun to walk or run road. another first was... today melissa and i left aubrey with grammy and pappy while we had a quick "date" to the bank, starbucks, and the grocery store. this was a suprisingly stress-free experience... of course although we were only out for about one and a half hours...we still felt the need to call and check in.

seating for friends...

here's aubrey on our new couch... the basement is beginning to look like an actual living room, although it feels like i'll never be finished. so much to do. it's great to be able to have people hang out though. we can't wait till it's really really done... and pretty.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

wonderful memories

what a wonderful christmas present we received this year! our new little girl. she has turned our world upside-down...and we are so happy.

it was a whole new experience having little ones around for christmas. having a baby really changes everything.

although aubrey is a little too small to remember this christmas, i will remember every moment.

spending the day with my sisters and their new daughters. watching my daddy hold my baby. exchanging laughs and looks with my mom. running outside with a half dressed little girl, my husband and my grandmother just to wave at santa passing by the house in the fire truck. we were able to go to christmas eve service back at calvary. i got to watch my father-in-law get choked up while holding his 2 week old granddaughter during silent night and the candle lighting. this morning...we put baby jesus in the manger, matt read luke 2, we opened gifts... what an amazing christmas. i will hold it close to my heart forever.

thank you Heavenly Father for the gift of your son Jesus....and now the gift of our daughter aubrey elizabeth. you are a good God.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

midnight fussing

melissa is so good with her... tonight around ten we were just getting ready for bed...(by now we have the routine down) feed her..burp her..change her..feed her.. burp her.. rock her.. put her down until the next time. but tonight aubrey had a little too much to eat and the first attempt to burp her ended up... messy. so aubrey gets a bath. mom changes. off come the sheets on the bed. and we instead of going to bed have a very unhappy child. so we try again... feed her a little more...and try to get the kiddo calmed down and back to sleep. this is where melissa is amazing. while i am throwing in laundry, and changing sheets, she is comforting aubrey like only mommy can... melissa even knows her favorite music. so we sit and look at pictures of aubrey and listen to music and think about how if we are so moved by these photos of her now... what is it going to be like at her wedding... or graduation?

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

i'm a dapper dan man

sunday melissa and i had our first major venture out of the house. (major being somewhere that we went that took longer than one feeding) christmas came a week early for the webster family (my mom's side) and we all dressed for the occasion for dinner and gifts at aunt joanne's house. of course i wore my usual t shirt and jeans. there were 21 of us in all... and sitting there with the family one remark was where did all these little children come from. there are now six kids in all and it definately makes the gift opening more fun... not just socks and gift cards (instead we had baby einstein, robosapien, and monkey pillows).

she will be mortified.

just the other day melissa and i decided to kill two birds with one stone and air out aubrey's diaper rash while giving her some sun for her slight jaundice. actually it was like killing three birds... one stone, because it proved to be very entertaining. before we knew it an hour had gone by and we were still sitting there watching her. it also ended up to be a rather fun photo shoot for some "very tasteful" photos. boy is she gonna be embarrassed when i pull these out for the first boyfriend.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

for this i am thankful...

tonight my sister ashley came up to visit. she intended on making it a surprise, but got a bit "misplaced" (not lost) in the king of prussia area and called from the road. after a little coaching on the in's and out's of valley forge road, she arrived unscathed.
although our time together tonight was short it was so nice to be able to spend it with her. we gave the baby a bath, commented on how much aubrey looks like matt and laughed about the "joys" of motherhood.

its the little things...

this week has been full of little milestones. the other night melissa put aubrey down in her cradle and aubrey settled herself to sleep instead of being held until she fell asleep. this morning aubrey's cord fell off (for those of you without children... this is a big deal.) although the loss of the cord can be seen as highly symbolic in nature... we think it's just good because you get to see what kind of belly button you child may have. will she join the ranks of the inny brigade or take up arms with the outy squad. it seems that though the cord is gone it is still to soon to tell. of course, it is quite a joyous occasion but the thing that was strangest to me was that as a new parent i contemplated saving the cord as a memento. gross.

Friday, December 16, 2005

i know i should be in bed...

just put aubrey down to bed...should be in bed myself, but i am sitting here thinking. week one is already gone. i keep wondering how i made it through. i have had so much help from my family and friends...thank you. matthew has been so wonderful, supportive and patient with me... (the hormones are a little out of control right now, but getting better).
my God has given me the strength to get through each moment.
i am excited to see what the coming weeks bring. i am really so blessed.

Monday, December 12, 2005

sleep indeed

aubrey is a really good eater. although normally she has had her full after ten minutes or so. today she ate for like twenty minutes straight. i took this picture right after she fed. she's a little "milk drunk". sittin' there and starin' into space. after this she fell asleep for like four hours... so mis and i were able to get out of the house, go to the bank, grab a bite, and get starbucks. which was completely nerve racking (the"will she wake up" gamble). life is never going to be the same... and we are so happy for it.

home at last

typing with one hand never felt so great. sitting here with Aubrey I am reflecting on the whirlwind that was the last few days... she is so perfect... and i am overwhelmed. not by the things that most people think of with a new baby like endless crying, lack of sleep, exhaustion. instead i am overwhelmed by my God. the incredible grace that He has shown me, the strength He has given me, and this beautiful, beautiful child.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

the girl's got jokes

today melissa had to go in to the hospital to have them check her out before the big day. of course when she calls me after the physical is over she says "hey what are you doin?" I said "nothing why"... "oh well they decided to take me today instead of tomorrow.... just kidding."
gee THAT never get's old

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

the bitter struggle

this past saturday greg and glenn came over to help out with the basement. for this i am grateful beyond measure. it was without a doubt a difficult task that we had before us. the three of us toiled away with the goal of having the entire floor scraped free of the old tile and ready for the new flooring. the good news is that same day greg and i were able to start laying the floor. which was a welcome reward to our hard work. THANKS AGAIN GUYS!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Five more days....

You carry this little one inside you for so long, you cannot wait to meet see their precious little face, to hold them for the first time... and then the day comes that they actually arrive. Thursday, December 8th, 2005...sounds like a good birthday right? I actually got to pick it out a big date book at Labor and Delivery. 12/08/05, Aubrey Elizabeth will be making her grand entrance. (Well, that is unless at the last minutes she decides to turn around...which is also ok with me. Either way, I am excited to meet her.)
I don't feel ready for this...for someone to be completely dependent on me for everything. You kind of get thrust into this motherhood thing, even if you have 9 months to think about it. I am sure it's never like you imagined it to be. In some ways it is so much more. You meet this little person and you look into their little face and a feeling washes over you, that you love this little girl so much that your heart could break.
I am scared that I won't do it right (whatever right is)...that I will not know what to do when she cries, that I will make mistakes...I am scared about the first time she and I are all alone.
No nurses, no visitors, just us, staring wide-eyed at eachother wondering how are we going to do this?

Pray hard for us... I have a feeling that parenthood is a long road, with lots of twists and turns...Pray that I can continually go to the Lord for the strength for the next day. Whether she is three days old - or thirteen years old (personally I think I am more scared about thirteen.)