Wednesday, June 27, 2007

a new addition

9 weeks old

cows, cows, cows

the title of this blog only my mother will understand, so let me explain.... while we were growing up my family took a trip out to visit my aunt sweetie (my grandmom's sister) in western pa. being from new jersey we were quite fascinated with the "countryside" as we drove. however our fascination only lasted a few hours and about halfway through the trip we got bored with it. my parents not realizing this continued to point out "look girls, cow." to which we replied.... "cows, cows, cows." are some photos from the backyard, well, about 20 feet from the backyard. we can walk over to the fence and greet the cows everyday at dinnertime. which is a hot commodity now but in a few years i am anticipating hearing "cows, cows, cows" from aubrey.

you gotta help me luke, i'm in escrow

after many years and much prayer we are now the proud owners of a new home, and in 2037 it will be ours. until then, we are looking forward to many wonderful memories of our kids growing up in this house. thankfully it came with a swing set and the makings for a vegetable garden.
aubrey had a couple of rough days adjusting, but each day gets a little better and i know she likes it here. this is confirmed every time we pull in the driveway and she yells, "WEeeeee!" (meaning she wants to go swing on the swings. thank God for those swings!)
we wanted to thank all of you who have prayed so hard for us these past few years.... God is so good!