Thursday, July 27, 2006

shhhhh....the baby is sleeeeeeepppiiing.

i LOVE being a parent! last night was hilarious... at least i thought so. at about 11:30 matt and i snuck downstairs to go to bed. i always check on aubrey one more time before i settle in. i walked up to her bed and the little angel was completly sideways laying from left to right in her crib. not only that...but she was on her belly with her arms and legs stretched out between the rungs in the crib. it was so funny and cute. i would have left her the way she was, but being a mom, i had to mess with it... she was uncovered and it gets absolutely freezing downstairs because of the air conditioning. i called matt to come and take a look at her, then proceded to pull one of her blankets out from underneath her in order to put it on her.... matt was growling at me the whole time "you are going to wake her up". needless to say she started to squirm. it was all down hill from there.... matt and i hit the ground. there we were, two grown adults cowering next to a crib. matt's whispering, "hit the light, hit the light" i am crouching on the floor covering my mouth and nose with my hands, trying not to laugh out loud. we managed to right the baby in her crib, cover her up and get off to bed without to much more drama.

matt looked at me as we climbed into bed, "your fired!"
all i said was...."you can't fire me, i gave birth to her."


Sunday, July 23, 2006

welcome to the islands mon....

...or rather welcome back.
we are very happy to have my parents back on dry land after a cruise catastrophe returning from a vacation to celebrate their 25th anniversary.

most times when you hear about things on the news, you think to yourself... hmmm, oh that's a shame....or glad no one i know was on that flight/boat/etc.

this time, they were.

we thought na na and pop pop would enjoy a little hello from their "little island girl".
smile mom and dad.... we are happy to have you both safe and HOME.
no more cruises for a while, ok?

Saturday, July 15, 2006


aubrey's latest thing is that she has started to screech whenever something is not exactly how she thinks it should be... ie "you took the paper away from me"... "this toy doesn't fit all the way into my mouth" ..."yogurt and puffs are way better than your damn oatmeal" ... "why can't i chew on mommies shoes/keys/cell phone?"... and "i'm bored and no, i am not tired"

isn't parenting fun.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Very Young at Heart

today we celebrated my grandmom's 80th birthday. what an amazing woman and i love her dearly. for over 20 years she has lived not 5 miles from the house that i grew up in. she was the person i could always count on to pick me up from school if it was raining.... she would let 5 middle schoolers cram in the back of her sundance and give them all rides home. she would spend hours teaching me a craft skill....knitting, cross stitch, quilting....even though she knew i had the attention span of an 8 year old (because i was an 8 year old) and i would never finish it. she would cut the fronts off of all the cards that she received so that i could cut them apart and make pretty pictures with them. she let me touch every bell in her bell collection (most grandmoms wouldn't let you do that). she let me dress her in an afghan and tell her that she was the shepherd in my make believe christmas play (i was mary. pop-pop was joseph. oscar the dog was a sheep.) she made sure that i KNEW how much she loved me. i cannot imagine life without her. happy birthday GiGi!

Monday, July 03, 2006

finally caught it on camera

we may have mentioned to some of you aubrey's little morning routine. we have finally caught it on film. every morning she gets up at around 7:00 and i feed her. when she is all done she lays back across my legs, throws her head and arms back, stares at matt and let's me rub her tummy for a couple of minutes.... it's quite cute and very funny.... thought you would enjoy seeing her look of contentment. ;o)