Wednesday, April 26, 2006

she's cute and she eats stuff

i always thought the photo of the kid with the food all over their face was so gross. somehow this is different... perhaps it has to be spaghetti to be disgusting. we shall see i guess. right now it's just bananas, next week we will go to rice cereal. ah the joys of solid foods. early on i told melissa that i would change all the diapers until aubrey started eating solid foods. so i guess i'm done with diapers right?

Gone Fishing

Well, we may not have a dog...but we have FISH and they are just as fun. Sort of. Aubrey likes to sit outside and watch them. Our fish actually are pretty smart...they come right up to the side when we come out. Only because they know they are going to get fed. Smart fish.

Friday, April 21, 2006

On a serious note....

MAY 7th 2006
Hey guys...Most runs are just for fun, a chance to get outside, shake off the day.
This run is for a cause that I believe in.
My friend Denise was diagnosed with MS in high school.
She asked if Matt and I would like to join there team this year to raise support for the National MS Society. We are both running the 10K.We are joining in the fight against this devastating disease. On May 7th I will be participating in the MS Run in Philadelphia. We set a goal of raising $200 to support the National MS Society. I am asking for your help in making my goal.
Please click on the "To Sponsor Me" link below and sponsor me online today. Every dollar means that we are a step closer to a cure.
If you don't want to sponsor online you can make a check out to "National Multiple Sclerosis Society or NMSS" and get the check to me before May 7th.
Thanks for your help.
Love, Missy (& Matt)

Saturday, April 15, 2006

opera style...

"the pants are on my head... not on the baby instead" and the daddy comes in in the background real low and full of bass "pants, pants, pants, pants...." it's like a symphony of overlaying vocals. "pants are on my head and they are really quite the way they should be..." and the mommy continues "pants are on my head... not on the baby instead" some day people will pay to see us perform. aubrey gets a free show.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

pictures from an early easter

spent palm sunday with my family....
easter egg hunts with little girls are fun.
i decided i am going to make aubrey an easter basket
...but put in candy i like, since she can't eat it anyway.
They're all getting so big!

Kelsey started walking.

Ava will be one in May.

Aubrey loves spending time with her cousins.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

chhheeeeeze fries!

alright! a blog that is not about our beautiful baby.

did you ever have one of those cravings...the one's you CANNOT ignore. i was sitting at carla and greg's house today and came across this picture of carla on her honeymoon (to the cayman islands [the jerk...i only got to go on a road trip]). her plate of cheese fries looked so good that I HAD to go and get some. i dragged poor carla to outback and we had a grand ole' time indulging my desire for the forbidden food. for all of you who think that we are glutton' comforted, we only ate the fries with the cheese on them. ;o)