Saturday, December 25, 2010

The most wonderful time

The best thing about Christmas morning.... watching the excitement build as we waited for Daddy to check for Santa (start the coffee). We camp out on the steps and wait for the ok. I am the lucky one who gets to spend those last few minutes with them before the unwrapping begins. The cutest thing in the world though is watching my girls run into the living room.... straight for Grammy and Pappy. They bypass the gifts and hug and kiss Grammy and Pappy first. It is so sweet.

I don't know why but the day just flew by too quickly. I wanted more time to sit and play with my girls. Nowhere to go....Nothing to do but brush doll hair and play house. Try out new games and just enjoy each other.

I keep thinking about how fast it is going to go. The barbies and dolls will be replaced with ipods and clothes. I want to freeze time. Hold on to this. I love this age. I love the things they say, their perspectives on life. They teach me every day about loving people fully, speaking the truth, loving life and enjoying each other.

God, I thank you today and everyday that I get to be a mommy. Thank you for the blessing of these little girls.

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