Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mr. Buddy Man

Everett-Beverett (Leah's pet name.)
Buddy Man
Mr. Diaper Man (Aubrey's nickname for him.)

This past fall we were so lucky to have this little man join us during the week. Bright and early 4 days a week I am greeted by the sweetest face I have ever seen. His smile could light up a room. Aaron and Kristen have allowed us to be a part of their families life in such a special way and it has been more of a blessing to us then they could possibly imagine. Everett is the easiest little guy, just give him some blocks and room to move and he is content. He is teaching us how to have a BOY around the house. There is something just a little different about boys. It is so fun to have him around.

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Aaron and Kristen said...

love this post and you guys!!!